Recruitment process

The crew of the Arctowski Polish Antarctic Station:

Winter group working at the Station all year round (from October to November of the following year) consists of 8 people, who perform the following functions: the head of the expedition, energetics specialist, electrician, car mechanic, PTS operator, IT specialist, electronics specialist, medical rescuer, communications officer, laboratory technician, environmental observer, marine observer, hydrochemical observer and glaciological observer.

Summer group (from November to the end of March) includes: skipper (operation, maintenance and repair of floating equipment), field assistant (support of scientists in the field), cook (mass catering service), administrator of the hotel section and kitchen assistance, employees dealing with maintenance and renovation of the buildings and station equipment, observers at Lions Rump (ecological monitoring of birds and pinnipeds).

During the stay at the Station “everyone does everything” – teamwork is necessary, according to one’s abilities and authority.

The recruitment process includes the employees employed from the SPUB grant to operate the Arctowski Polish Antarctic Station on a year-round basis. Recruitment of the station staff is carried out on an annual basis. Recruitment for the expedition begins in January with a recruitment notice. Interviews are usually held in March and April. In May, selected candidates undergo medical examinations. The months June-September are focused on preparations for the expedition. During this time, group and individual trainings are also held. The expedition sets off to the Station at the turn of September and October.