Environmental monitoring

  • Meteorological monitoring
    The meteorological data collected are used to determine the climatic conditions of the vicinity of the Arctowski Station and are used as a background for geochemical, geophysical, ecological and biological surveys conducted based on the Station.
  • Hydrological monitoring of the Western Shore of the Admiralty Bay
    The purpose of the monitoring is to determine the regime of flow of watercourses located on the western shore of the Admiralty Bay and to determine the amount of material transported by these watercourses.
  • Identification and determination of concentrations and translocation levels of atmospheric pollutants in water bodies as an indicator of the adaptive capacity of the Antarctic
    The objective of the monitoring work is to provide detailed knowledge of the chemical composition of water samples (taken from watercourses, lakes, glacial outflows), soil and coastal seawater sediment samples from the western shore of Admiralty Bay, as well as its variability over time and the pathways through which potential contaminants travel.
  • Tourism traffic in polar areas and its impact on the natural environment, as exemplified by Arctowski Polish Antarctic Station
    The aim of the research is to determine the specificity of the behaviours of tourists visiting the Antarctic and certain geographical conditions (including cultural, social ones) in relation to the size of tourist traffic. Moreover, observations are made concerning the impact of tourist traffic on the natural environment in the vicinity of the Station.
  • Glaciological monitoring – rate of calving of Lange Glacier
    The purpose of the monitoring is to determine the rate of calving of the Lange Glacier, which flows directly into the sea in the northern part of the Admiralty Bay.
  • Glaciological monitoring – rate of calving of Ecology, Krak and Lange Glaciers
    The purpose of the monitoring is to determine the rate of calving of the Ecology, Krak and Lange Glaciers, which flow directly into the waters of Admiralty Bay.