Arctowski Polish Antarctic Station has a lighthouse operational as a navigational aid in Admiralty Bay. The lighthouse is placed on the rock at Shag Point. Construction started in December 1977 and the lighthouse was operational on March 16th, 1978. The tower is 80cm in diameter and 6m in height

  • Location: 62°09′28″S 58°27′56″W
  • Light Elevation: 20m asl
  • Light Characteristics: L.Fl.W (Cycle 9s, Fl. 3s, Ec. 6s)
  • Structure: Tower, white-red markings, gallery on the upper deck.
  • Range: 8 nautical miles
  • Admiralty Number: G1387.4
  • NGA Number: 111-2728
  • ARLHS Number: SSI-001

Latarnia morska | Lighthouse

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Latarnia morska, fot. Marek Figielski